Durrow is now distributing its latest monograph "The Academic Medical Centreof the Future." This is another collaboration with Medical Architecture (MAAP) and Norwegian health planners and architects NSW. Print copies are available on request.  We list the 10 essential constituencies of the AMC and criticise the increasing separation of health planning and civic planning. Two examples are given - one of best practice in Trondheim, Norway and one our imagined alternative future project for Liverpool which is contrasted with the city's intended PFI projects.

We have recently completed a costed concept plan for future looking health and wellness centre for an english market town.  Here we propose the combination of 3 GP practices and a Community Hospital to provide a joint NHS/Private Sector centre that would be completely self-financing including the cost of capital employed.  In this example the entire project is managed and funded from private capital but the NHS has occupancy and buy-out rights. We see it as a successor to PFI/LIFT and similar public/private finance mechanisms.  There is no longer an NHS capital investment project with all of the stifling processes that are associated.

financial management of private health care organisation comes to a conclusion - durrow has successfully completed an assignment to advise and manage the transition of the finance function in a major private health care company. John Summers has been acting as Finance Director for the last 6 months following the acquisition of this private health care company by a new healthcare venture. The assignment concluded with the appointment and handover to the permanent Director of Finance.

the hypermodern local acute hospital - durrow has joined with Maap and NSW of Norway and will jointly publish this monograph in september 2010 - this publication will be sent to all PCTs, MPs and rural Local Authorities - it sets out a critique of today's small NHS hospital and counterpoints this with a portrait of the "hypermodern local acute hospital" set in the fictitious english town of Banborough

contract management of acute NHSFT comes to a conclusion - durrow has just completed an assignment to run the FT - following a period of organisatonal difficulty, Derek Smith has been acting as CEO for an acute NHS FT over the past year while the Board was completely reconstituted and a permanent CEO appointed